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Circuit of Sanctuaries
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Book One

  The Gray came closer, almost face to face with the stoic stranger. In the Gray’s intense concentration on the task of penetrating the prisoner’s thoughts, he failed to observe what had begun to happen physically.

  ElDann’s right hand had reached out and covered, but not yet touched, the Gray’s armed left hand.

  The Gray suddenly caught the edge of an interesting thought. It was a brightly sunlit field of yellow and white flowers, waving gently in the breeze. A four winged butterfly flitted by, a species with which he was not familiar.

  Still staring, ElDann’s face suddenly broke from its blankness into a broad, almost dopey looking, tooth-filled smile. The Gray drew his head back slightly, unsure of what he had found.

  When it dawned on him, it was already too late.

  ElDann had firmly gripped the armed hand and strongly twisted it back, pointing it directly at the Gray’s head. One squeeze on the woody vegetable stalk of the grey colored twig would discharge the weapon into its own mouth.

  “I cannot be destroyed, you know,” it hissed to him slowly. “And, the agent I call Blink will be back momentarily. He is eleven percent taller and thirty-six percent heavier than you are. He is well trained and well armed.”

  He then heard ElDann’s voice for the first and last time. “I won’t kill a human except in self-defense, but you would be a different story.”

  He quickly squeezed and discharged the weapon, blocked a blow from the Gray’s right hand, stood up, turned, kicked out the Gray’s left knee and twisted the weapon-bearing hand around in two large circles, tearing off the Gray’s left arm with a snap.

  He aimed and fired again, this time at the thin, grey throat. There was barely the sound of a tussle before it was over. Retrieving the bedpan, he forced the metallic object into the Gray’s small mouth. It made the previously serious creature look almost comical.

  “There you go, demon. You will be decommissioned for some time to come.”

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